Member’s fee / Taxele de membru

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The requirement for registration can only be filled on by the online form.

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Register step-by-step:

First step:

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you complete the online form.

Second step:

If the form is filled correctly, your request will be processed on the same day.

Third step:

You can pay the tax via banking transfer or online.


  • Resident: 100 lei
  • Specialist: 200 lei
  • Primar: 300 lei
You can pay the fee here: click here!

Pay via Banking Transfer


IBAN Lei: RO91BREL0002000694020100

CUI: 12791812

After you finalize the payment, please send a confirmation e-mail of the payment at the following e-mail:

More information

  • Annual memberships can be paid until the day of 31 March of every year.
  • If you won’t pay the fee 2 years in a row, you will be notified and you will be removed from RSN.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us for more pieces of information.

Inregistrarea membrilor noi

Cererile de inregistrare pot fi completate doar prin platforma prin completarea formularului electronic.

Aplica pentru statutul de membru

Procesul de inregistrare:

Pasul 1:

Veti primi un e-mail de confirmare odata ce formularul electronic a fost completat, trimis catre noi si primit de echipa noastra.

Pasul 2:

Daca formularul electronic este completat corect, cererea de inregistrare se proceseaza in aceasi zi.

Pasul 3:

In continuare, se poate plati taxa de membru prin transfer bancar.


  • Medic rezident: 100 lei
  • Medic specialist: 200 lei
  • Medic primar: 300 lei
Accesați următorul link pentru plata taxei: CLICK AICI.

Plata prin transfer bancar


IBAN Lei: RO91BREL0002000694020100

Cod unic de inregistrare: 12791812

Dupa finalizarea plati, va rugam sa trimiteti un e-mail de confirmare a platii la adresa:

Informatii suplimentare

  • Taxele anuale de membru RSN se pot plati pana la data de 31.03 a fiecarui an
  • Statutul se membru RSN se revoca automat daca taxa nu este platita timp de 2 ani consecutiv, dupa instiintare
  • Nu ezitati sa ne contactati pentru informatii suplimentare.