Global perspective

The Romanian Society of Neurosurgery (RSN) takes immense pride in showcasing the international and national achievements of neurosurgery, underscoring our commitment to excellence and collaboration on a global scale. Through our affiliation with esteemed organizations and federations both within Romania and abroad, we leverage a wealth of resources, expertise, and opportunities to advance the field of neurosurgery and elevate patient care standards.

As an active member of E.A.N.S., RSN contributes to a vibrant community of European neurosurgical societies and professionals dedicated to advancing the science and practice of neurosurgery. E.A.N.S. organizes prestigious congresses, scientific meetings, and symposiums, such as the European Biennial Neurosurgery Congress and annual E.A.N.S. meetings, providing invaluable opportunities for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and professional development.

Established in 1955, the W.F.N.S. serves as a global platform for neurosurgeons, representing national associations from five continents and approximately 20,000 neurosurgical professionals worldwide. RSN’s affiliation with W.F.N.S. facilitates international networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing initiatives aimed at advancing neurosurgical education, research, and patient care on a global scale.

These affiliations underscore RSN’s commitment to promoting neurosurgical excellence, fostering international collaboration, and enhancing the dissemination of scientific knowledge and best practices. By actively engaging with these esteemed organizations, RSN remains at the forefront of the global neurosurgical community, driving innovation, advancing patient care, and celebrating the remarkable achievements of neurosurgery both nationally and internationally.