Dear colleagues and friends,

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming 8th Annual Meeting of Serbian Neurosurgical Society with international participation “Current concept in military neurosurgery – The state in the field”, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on December 7-10, 2022. We are delighted that the 8th Annual Meeting of Serbian Neurosurgical Society will be held as a Joint meeting with Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society.

The global theme of the meeting is “Current concept in military neurosurgery – The state in the field” and it will bring together leading national and international experts from the field of military neurosurgery.

For more information about the event visit the website, or contact us at

The scientific program will cover areas of military neurosurgery what we announce as the state in the field:

  • Neurotraumatology: Head, Brain, Spine, Nerve
  • Quality of life
  • Trends, Insights, Innovations, Technology & Beyond
  • Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality
  • Mass casualties Complex dynamics, solutions and outcome in elementary catastrophes
  • Elective neurosurgery in the field

Specific clinical examination, diagnostic procedures, treatments, complications, outcome and quality of life, as well as recent advances, new trends, insights, innovations, technology, artificial intelligence and many more interesting topics will be in the focus of our professional gathering in Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia within four days, including premeeting educational courses.

Following our mainstream which is continuous medical education targeting young neurosurgeons, educational grants will be available through our philanthropic education and support program.

We are honored that since the 1st SNSS Annual meeting held in Belgrade in 2015, we have succeeded in increasing the visibility and presence of Serbian neurosurgeons in the international neurosurgical community, and that many renowned international experts have accepted to attend our meetings. I am proud that through the development of international cooperation, and following contemporary professional accomplishments, trends and innovations, we have been able to achieve understanding across disciplines, institutions, individuals and generations. The SNSS annual meeting has evolved from the one-day event to four-day-long meetings with over 100 international faculty members attending each of them.

The host city of Belgrade is well known for its hospitality and experiencing the Belgrade way of life will undoubtedly be an unforgettable memory. I am confident that this event will open new perspectives and result in a fruitful interprofessional and interpersonal exchange.

We look forward to welcoming you to Belgrade!

Prof. Dr. Lukas Rasulic
Honorary President of the Meeting
President of the Serbian Neurosurgical Society
President of the Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society