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About the RSN

Historical overview

The Romanian neurosurgery was founded in 1935, by Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Bagdasar (1899-1946), who accomplished his formation in Boston, with Prof. H. W. Cushing (1927-1929). His department in Bucharest was the first in the southeastern Europe. Prof. Dr. Constantin Arseni developed for the first time a real school of neurosurgery in Romania.

Prof. Dr. Constantin Arseni (1912-1994)

Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Bagdasar

Neurosurgical centers

In present, in Romania there are over 17 neurosurgical centers, with approximately 1200 beds.


  • to create neurosurgical centers on international standards, a basis of modern neurosurgery
  • to recognize, develop and improve new neurosurgical and neuro-bordering strategies in the field of neural sciences
  • to improve the efficiency and precision of neurosurgical diagnosis and evaluation
  • to approach complex pathological entities by complete investigation, evaluation, monitoring and treatment methods
  • to evaluate non-conventional therapeutic methods: electrical brain stimulation, neuroprotection, neurosurgery in epilepsy, brachytherapy in brain tumors, etc.
  • to create the possibility for new therapeutical strategies in modern Neuro Intensive Care Units: hypothermia, neuroprotective agents, ICP monitoring, etc.
  • to apply the alternative treatment options in certain brain diseases: radiotherapy, radiosurgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiological interventional procedures, etc.
  • to improve the pathological support for neurosurgery
  • to sustain experimental and clinical research base in neural sciences
  • to improve the training and teaching programs for the Romanian neurosurgeons
  • to rise the Romanian health standards in neurosurgery