The Romanian neurosurgery was founded in 1935, by Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Bagdasar (1899-1946), who accomplished his formation in Boston, with Prof. H. W. Cushing (1927-1929). His department in Bucharest was the first in the southeastern Europe. Prof. Dr. Constantin Arseni developed for the first time a real school of neurosurgery in Romania.


In present, in Romania there are over 17 neurosurgical centers, with approximately 1200 beds.


To create neurosurgical centers on international standards, a basis of modern neurosurgery. To recognize, develop and improve new neurosurgical and neuro-bordering strategies in the field of neural sciences. To improve the efficiency and precision of neurosurgical diagnosis and evaluation. to approach complex pathological entities by complete investigation, evaluation, monitoring and treatment methods to evaluate non-conventional therapeutic methods: electrical brain stimulation, neuroprotection, neurosurgery in epilepsy, brachytherapy in brain tumors, etc.